Prenatal Nutrition, Fitness, & Wellbeing Program

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Pregnant or trying to conceive? 


This is the most important time to take your health seriously. And we just made it easier for you.

The most comprehensive prenatal health program ever. Built to optimize maternal nutrition, fitness, and health at any stage of pregnancy. Designed by a registered dietitian nutritionist, certified strength and conditioning specialist, and positive psychology expert.

No more tireless searches to answer your constant questions. Everything you need...is right here.

Preconception. Pregnancy. Postpartum.

Optimizing your nutrition, fitness, wellbeing, and health at every stage of pregnancy.





HappyMomz™ gives you the resources, tools, tips, and activities to optimize your health when you need them. By the numbers, you're receiving:

  • 64 weeks weeks of preconception, prenatal, and postpartum nutrition, fitness, and happiness content just for you
  • 320+ workouts carefully designed to optimize your fitness (safely) before, during, and after pregnancy
  • 192 educational and interactive online modules designed by experts to optimize you and your baby's health

You won't find anything like this anywhere else.


Learn how to optimize your nutrition and the real meaning of "eating for two." Our OptiNutrition modules detail how your nutrition differs from stage to stage during pregnancy and how to engage in the right eating to fuel your body.


Get clarification on diastasis recti, prolapse, metabolism and hormones, breastfeeding tips, and much more. Your body is changing now - learn the how and why. Understanding how your body changes is the first step to optimizing your outcome.


Exercise before, during, and after pregnancy is safe - and you should be engaging in it regularly. Learn how to best optimize your prenatal fitness while engaging in our prenatal designed fitness program. Exercise helps with weight management, boosts vitality, and fights fatigue.


Take a deep dive into your emotional wellbeing during the biggest time of your life. Things are changing and though life is becoming more magical, it's also becoming more challenging. Develop skills to fortify your mind and emotions for peak wellbeing and vitality.

HappyMomz™ Tips

Get weekly tips (from Moms and health experts) to make parenting and preparing for motherhood easier. From better nutrition, to finding the right stroller, and avoiding environmental toxins, we have you covered.

Countless Resources

You will immediately gain access to our catalogue of HappyMomz™ resources, including a dietitian-designed prenatal grocery list, a pregnancy planner, sample meal plans, snack guides, appointment calendars, our happiness workbook, hospital bag checklist, understanding your labs and procedures, understanding nutrition facts, how to budget for a baby, and more!

YOUR Village (Community)

 When you join the HappyMomz™ family, that's just what you get - a family. All women need their village. Our programs includes access to an online community of women going through the same things you are! We welcome you to engage with, learn from, and support others in YOUR village. 


I know what you're thinking. Why did a man design this program? The simple answer? Because I knew how to.

I'm not just a registered dietitian nutritionist and certified strength and conditioning specialist. I'm also a husband and father. Believe it or not, I played a big role in my wife's pregnancy. I was the encyclopedia of all things nutrition, fitness, and health.

My wife was very lucky to have a healthy and uncomplicated pregnancy. But it wasn't by happenstance, but rather, by design. And so began my passion for helping women.

I have become an expert in women's nutrition, specifically as it applies to fertility, prenatal, and postpartum nutrition. There's a lot of information (good, bad, and ugly) out there. So, as an expert in nutritional and exercise science, I put it ALL in one place for you.

"HappyMomz literally has everything you need in it. The content is so helpful and I don't need to spend countless hours looking for answers, tips, or information elsewhere."


"Using HappyMomz during my second pregnancy helped me manage my weight a lot better. The resources are invaluable, the workouts are fun, and the content is very educational."



 For starters, are you thinking about getting pregnant, trying to conceive, pregnant, or postpartum? Then the short and quick answer would be a resounding YES!

Are you concerned about how your nutrition and health will dictate your pregnancy and the health of your baby? Do you find yourself constantly searching the internet for answers to your many pregnancy-related questions? Are you interested in investing in your health and the health of your baby?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, we think you'd be a great fit. 


Everyone’s journey is different. Find the right package for you:



Individual Trimesters

  • Access to ONE section of the program (Trying to Conceive, 1st Tri, 2nd Tri, 3rd Tri, or Postpartum)
  • Access to ALL additional resources
  • Membership to individual YOUR Village online community

HappyMomz™ Full Program


The Whole Thing

  • Access to ALL sections (Trying to Conceive, 1st Tri, 2nd Tri, 3rd Tri, & Postpartum)
  • Access to ALL additional resources
  • Membership to full YOUR Village online community
  • Bonus Content
  • Unlimited live text and email support

HappyMomz™ + Fertility Plus


+ Fertility Plus

  • Access to ALL sections (Trying to Conceive, 1st Tri, 2nd Tri, 3rd Tri, & Postpartum)
  • Access to Fertility Plus (for women with fertility challenges)
  • Access to ALL additional resources
  • Membership to full YOUR Village online community
  • Bonus Content
  • Unlimited live text and email support


If you aren’t completely satisfied with your HappyMomz™ program, let us know within the first 7-days for a full refund. No questions asked.