Our Approach

We believe health is everyone’s most valuable asset. It should be nurtured, cared for, fed, and prioritized. Though nutrition and exercise are perhaps the most impactful drivers of health, they can be challenging to understand, navigate, and practice to best suit your needs. At OptiMom™, we utilize functional nutrition and exercise practices to help women optimize their health.
Creating a family is one of the most beautiful and rewarding experiences known to man. And a healthy family (or baby) begins with a healthy mom. All women are unique and their approach to nutrition and fitness should be no different. There is no one-size-fits-all diet – don’t let anyone tell you different. Understanding your unique needs, as they change throughout your reproductive years, is the first step to optimizing your health. Our team of registered dietitians and exercise/fitness experts design interventions that help women optimize their health top to bottom, inside and out, during all stages of pregnancy.

Maternal Nutrition & Outcomes

The concept of "eating for two" is only partially correct, though twice as significant. It was once believed that women had to eat twice as much when they're pregnant. This is incorrect considering women only need marginally more energy to feed their growing child. However, what and how a woman eats at this time will dictate the growth and health of her baby. Working with a registered dietitian can help you make the right choices to influence a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.



There is no one-size-fits-all health protocol. We understand that all women are unique and therefore require a unique and personally-tailored approach to their health. Our team works with clients to design interventions and protocols that fit their needs, accommodate their lifestyle, and are aligned with their goals. 


We use proven science as the architect of everything we recommend. As registered dietitians, fitness experts, and scientists, we use science to direct our approach to everything. We are dedicated learners and are certain to use up-to-date, relevant, and practical nutrition and exercise science for interventions and recommendations.


There's a lot more to health than the numbers on a scale. We evaluate, assess, and tend to the principles of systemic health, metabolic health, hormone balance, gut health and more. We are interested not only in the absence of disease but also the promotion of optimal health. We bridge the gap between nutrition and exercise science.


Why you need nutrition & fitness counseling for fertility & pregnancy?

  • Your systemic health is primarily influenced by the culmination of your hydration, sleep and recovery, nutrition, and physical activity. Though your genetics also play a role, these components are all modifiable and therefore, within your power to change. Many of us don't drink enough, sleep enough, fuel with optimal nutrients, or exercise enough.
  • Your weight and metabolic health dictate the health of your body and organs as well. Your blood glucose levels, triglyceride and cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and hormones influence your metabolism - the machinery of your cells. Poor nutrition and inadequate exercise can directly and indirectly cause dysregulation of your metabolic health.
  • Gut health is the new frontier of nutritional science. Hippocrates said "all disease begins in the gut", and though that may be a tad overzealous, it's clear that gut health is related to almost every system in the body. Without optimal gut microbiota diversity and adequate fiber intake, gut health declines and negatively impacts systemic health, metabolic health, and immune health.
  • You would be amazed by how many environmental toxins you are exposed to every day. Many of these toxins may act as endocrine disruptors, wreaking havoc on hormone homeostasis and impacting your systemic and metabolic health. When considering fertility challenges and pregnancy, these disruptors may arguably be the most important consideration for health.


At OptiMom™, we comprehensively tend to all modifiable components of health. We specialize in women's health, specifically focusing on reproductive health, infertility, preconception, prenatal, and postpartum health. 

Women's health needs are unique and they are different at each stage of pregnancy. Furthermore, different causes of infertility require different approaches. In any case, our experts in nutrition and fitness design acton plans that optimize all metrics of health.

We distill complex nutrition concepts into actionable, implementable, and sustainable plans that fit every woman's need. 


Discovering strategies that work longterm and fit your lifestyle is necessary for success.


A healthy metabolism is like a healthy engine for a car. 


Being overweight or underweight has its risks and consequences.


Dysregulated hormones can cause a host of problems, including infertility complications.

7 Pillars of OptiMom™ Health


The gut regulates nutrient absorption, immune health, and hormone production.


Avoiding endocrine disruptors and detoxifying the body can boost fertility and health.


A sedentary lifestyle is perhaps the worst thing you can do for your health.